Where’ve we been? Dodging the cracks.

It’s been a while since the last gig, Kassy’s birthday, but here we go; Rebellion, Thursday night (well Friday morning really). Once Bad Religion are done, get over the to Opera House for sing-a-long-a-Menace and we’ll get you in the mood for cocoa and bed. Well perhaps. Maybe beer and a kebab. Unless you are older than Noel, don’t use the seats, get down the front… please!

T-shirts, and paraphernalia, will be on sale until Sunday morning. Unfortunately, the official boot leg live in Japan album ain’t ready… but come and speak to us, maybe we can sort something out. Or just come and talk to us because we get lonely.

Other stuff: Menace will be at the Bournemouth Punx Picnic on the 22nd of September. Bring sandwiches. More details, soon as.