Back of the net

09 February 2016

Last Friday was a trip down White Hart (memory) Lane for me: Muswell Hill to Tottenham. But not ‘fecking football’ these days; for a gig at T.Chances with Vice Squad.

Despite disintegrating mike stands, self detaching cables and all manner of technical failures (and thanks to all those who were trying to repair them mid set), I think we did good!

Vice Squad rose to the challenge though. Which meant for a tenner you got two blistering punk sets, able support from the ladies of ARXX and The Wimmins Institute, a cheap bar, and an after show featuring Sarah Pink. Value!

While North London is still reeling, next up is The Fighting Cocks on the 5th March with Morgellons and 5 Go Mad. Get your dancing DM’s on.


Back in blighty

22 January 2016

Well New Year was a blast. Noel and Rob were in Berlin sampling the beer and guesting for pooh punkers the London Sewage Company. Rob is now on the waggon for a bit, and Noel doesn’t drink anyway… he says.

So dry as a bone and pure as the driven slush, the 2016 gig calendar kicked off at the 100 Club supporting the UK Subs as part of the 40 years of punk Resolution festival. Evidently a jolly time was had by all. The UK Subs don’t need a plug from me, but I must mention Criminal Mind, who gave us something to aim at, go see them. Tony Ghirardi took loads of brilliant pics, check his facebook page

And I suppose I have to mention Knock Off’s Andy Town, who found himself wearing Finn’s guitar and expected to play it for GLC and Last Year’s Youth was it? Completely unplanned and unrehearsed… well done Andy, the cheque’s in the post.

Next one is at T.Chances on the 5th Feb with Vice Squad. T.Chances is worth a mention too, played there twice last year both good. Come and share a pint of water with us.



22 December 2015

London Stories is out on vinyl. For that and a ‘Full of tea’ mug, and some new T’s see Guy’s place :

Perhaps a bit late for Christmas delivery, but some of us have birthdays coming up you know.