From under the covers

25 September 2015

Mick 'n' Rob

Multi-instrumentalist Mick Moriarty on stage with Rob at the Undercover Festival III.

What can I say? On stage with Mick, it doesn’t get any better! Well you may be laughing, but I’m serious. I turned up; drank some cider; stood on stage and showed off; drank some more cider and then got taken home. Mick mortgaged his life and soul to put this event on, and spent 3 days making sure it ran smoothly. And I got the compliments. It’s a shame guilt has no tradable value.

So, Mick and all the crew at Undercover, I salute you, and sincerely hope that you can continue. If you can’t then I think you’ve given far more than enough. Thanks for making my life richer.

(Thanks also to Linda for the photo).

I was going to put some links to Menace@Undercover videos here, but instead here’s a link to the whole event because it wasn’t just a Menace gig.


NRA NRA You're full of...

19 September 2015

Undercover Festival today! If you’re not there already you’re cutting it fine. If you are there, why are you reading this, there’s better things to be doing! See ya shortly…

Places to be

12 September 2015

Tomorrow Sunday 13th, 8pm (ish) at AWOD North, The Hairy Dog, Derby DE1 1HT.

Saturday 19th, The Undercover Festival III, Bisley Pavilion, GU24 0NY

And… Noel’s birthday bash, Hope and Anchor, Islington on the 3rd October.