Vote Punk Rock

05 April 2015

Can’t tell one politician from another? Don’t want to place trust in an alligator’s smile? Take our advice, Vote Punk Rock!

Here’s the new video to help relieve the tension: Vote Punk Rock!
The Usual Suspects
With all the usual suspects, and some not so usual…

Undercover Festival III

25 March 2015

I hear Mick’s been getting a hard time from a minority about the line up for the Undercover Festival III.

Really? Anyone who works as hard as Mick and his cohorts to put an event on deserves a bit of support. Without them, it’ll be one less place to play at a time when they are at a premium.

Proudly supporting the Undercover Festival III.

A night off?

17 March 2015

Some chance. Saturday was supposed to see Menace and Morgellons at the Fighting Cocks in Kingston, but Morgellons had to pull out due to illness. Should have been an easy night for Menace then. Hmmm.

The revised bill left Menace, T & the Mugs and Comrade X to do the honours. Comrade X got the ball rolling in good style. The 101-ers “Keys to Your Heart” brought back an old memory, I’m sure I’ve got that record but years of a co-habiting record collection and house moves have hidden it somewhere. A bigger surprise, The Small Faces “All or Nothing”, this is dangerous ground, a song I’ve always wanted to play as long as Steve Marriot was singing. Well credit to X, he may not quite have Mr Marriot’s voice but he still scored.

On to T & the Mugs and some rousing guitar based punk rocking. I only caught the begin and end of their set. Sorry chaps, but the local council would only let me park in one place for 4 hours. I left with the audience getting going and came back to them on a high. I detected a certain amount of familiarity in the audience and I’m sure they added to that on the night.

And now our turn. No chance of easing off after T and X, so here goes. The set list turned out to be a work of fiction again as the songs were chosen to fit the mood. The stage was pretty soon a cauldron and gigging essential number two, a towel, was quickly soaked. (What’s number one gigging essential? A bottle opener. I’m not going to use my teeth am I?).

Ease back a bit for “Test of Time”, get your lighters out. Oh! perhaps not these days. A little too laid back, and a screw up. Start again then… hell we’re only human! Time to get Toby on stage to sing Electrocutioner, our vocal chords can’t handle it these days so sacrifice a youngster. Poor Toby though, he told me after he was self-conscious without a guitar to hide behind. Audience vocal participation for GLC, then audience footwork for Monkey Man and Get Along. An encore or two and that’s it, curfew.

One moment, the sound man is prepared to stretch a rule, so we play Babylon’s Burning for Ruts members past and present; and then it’s sound off and lights on. Out of the wet shirt and into the dry one, get the car back, load up and off home. I must have blinked.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. I don’t know where I’d be with just the day job, so thanks to you, T, the Mugs, Comrade X and the man at the mixing desk for helping perpetuate my little dream. See you again.

Next gig is Leamington Spa on the 25th with The Cockney Rejects, 999, The Lurkers, Tenpole and whole bunch of others. Next London gig for those of you not able to sample the waters of a Victorian spa town, will be supporting XSLF in Tottenham on the 8th May, along with some familiar looking suspects in the shape of Morgellons and 16 Guns.