14 January 2015

This is a taster from a video that turned up from 1977: Noel, Charlie, Steve and Morgan Menace at the Nelson.

Anyone recognise the song? Noel thinks it’s a cover. Let us know if you do please!

The full video will probably end up on the forthcoming DVD.

Wake UP!

13 January 2015

Christmas is over, as are the turkey left-overs. We’ve almost done two weeks of 2015, and the 12 Bar has closed (sad face). The march of faceless commercialisation has earmarked Denmark Street for another tourist trap, and another spark of human originality is snuffed out. But wait, Easter comes early! On January the 24th or is it the 23rd, I dunno, thereabouts, Barnet and crew resurrect the 12 Bar at Phibbers in Holloway Road (happy face). Don’t let the bastards grind them down, go there, make it a success.

Unless of course Menace are playing elsewhere. February 6th sees our return to the Hope and Anchor! Well, much has changed, waistlines have expanded and hair has deserted (poor Rob), but stuff reminiscing, get a pint and get down the front. What are you, civilised?

Feb 7th and it’s off to Portsmouth: buckets and spades at the ready; sand in your ice cream and Noel in his speedo’s.

The 27th and 28th of Feb, the emerald isle. 27th: Dublin, Fibber Magees; 28th Cork, details to follow. Mine’s a Guinness… can’t wait…

Ho bloody Ho!

15 December 2014

Elf and Safety

Back to the day jobs then…