The Emerald Isle

24 February 2015

Ignoring the ignominy of the airline that shall not be named, we’re all fired up for this weekend in the land of Noel’s birth, Eire. In an effort to top our last gig in Dublin, copious supplies of tea, guitar straps and bass strings have been shipped ahead and Noel has a new supply of jokes on hand. What can go wrong, and can we beat it again? Be there to find out!

Friday 27th sees us back in Dublin, this time at Fibber Magees, and Saturday 28th finds us in Cork at Fred Zeppelins.

Fibber Magees: doors open 8:30, 10 euros entry, support from The Lee Harveys, The Dubtones and the Black Pitts; brought to you by Paranoid Visions:

Fred Zeppelins (love that name!), doors open 9, 8 euros, support from Corrosive Machine, The Jollars, The Japans; brought to you be Rebel County Drunk Punx:

Take cover Surrey!

17 February 2015

Menace will be at the third Undercover Festival this September 19th.

Last year saw an argument with the SatNav (dammit, it was right for once), a pizza big enough to cover Berlin, beer enough to finish off Venice, an on stage screen featuring Rob’s bum and a jolly fine gig. Throw in some other jolly fine bands and we had a great day. And that was just one day of the event!

It’s on for three days, you can camp for free, or sleep indoors for some cash (but don’t hang around on that one). Visit the web site for details See you there, if the SatNav has forgiven us.

The ball is rolling

10 February 2015

So a couple of gigs and we’re underway for the year.

The Hope and Anchor saw a raucous display. At one point the monitor at the foot of the stage was smoking (it should have done that outside, no?). Toby guested on Electrocutioner and ended up with the his head in the bass drum, not sure that was the cause of his headache the day after though. Finn had a touch of too much cable-itus, but we got there in the end.

Portsmouth the day after. It was so cold, Noel put a jacket on. Three songs in before the blood was flowing properly. Thanks to an enthusiastic audience it warmed up and judging by the repeated encore requests the goods were delivered. It’s a shame the Barn is closing, but I can’t believe that amount of enthusiasm from the audience will not find somewhere else. Thanks punks, you made my day.

There were of course other bands involved. Morgellons as always raised the bar on us, this is getting difficult! Knock Off (Hope & Anchor) and the Flying Alexanders (Barn) were worth the admission alone. I regret I missed Xtraverts while waiting for the takeaway to chop an onion, but enough people told me I’d made a mistake to know I won’t do it again. And last, but never least, Comrade X at the Hope, now if Woody Guthrie was a Millwall fan … well best find out for yourselves: next UK gig, The Fighting Cocks with Morgellons, T & the Mugs, and Comrade X, 14th March. Off to Eire in the meantime.

Thanks everyone!