Rebellion here we come

Buckets and spades packed; beach umbrella; swimming cosies; ice creams at the ready, Menace 10:10, Opera House, Thursday 1st August, Winter Gardens, Blackpool, Rebellion 2019. Be there, or be shivering on the beach wondering why you didn’t buy a ticket. Here we come!

Social Insecurity, Vinyl

Sad to say that the vinyl release of Social Insecurity won’t be available at the Dublin Castle gig 10/2/19. The vinyl is ready, the sleeves are ready, everything is ready, just the records are somewhere between Heathrow and Camden on a big red Parcelforce truck, and it’s the weekend, and no-one is able to do […]

Back to Italy

A weekend in Italy to forget about the chilly weather in the UK. First stop Gatwick security and yet again Harv has done it wrong, and it’s the full pat down and bag search. We’ll make a proper tourist of him yet. Next stop Milan airport and the drive to Caramagna, south of Turin. Noel […]

Of Mice and Men

Well the snow put paid to the rehearsing for new material. And with half the band stuck south and west, the “secret” gig at the New Cross Inn was a bit different – Noel played guitar (I think that’s what he said he was doing anyway) and sang, Rob played bass and Martin Sawtell, sometime […]