A weekend in Italy to forget about the chilly weather in the UK.

First stop Gatwick security and yet again Harv has done it wrong, and it’s the full pat down and bag search. We’ll make a proper tourist of him yet.

Next stop Milan airport and the drive to Caramagna, south of Turin. Noel realises Menace have been here before. Not a great turn out as an Italian punk band are playing up the road, but we here so let’s do it. Lot’s of audience participation (they did out number us) and time to turn the tables, an audience invasion by the band. Anyway no matter there weren’t that many of you, the enthusiasm made it fun.

Next day back to Milan for the gig at COX18. This time it is rammed. And just as much enthusiasm made it a great night. My GPS tells me I left the place at 6am, but I had no track of time. Many thanks to COX18, the Defectives and Camo for looking after us.

Next up is Undercover, Margate, by the sea. If the sun is back in the UK, I’ll be on the beach with an ice cream. Noel will be in his favourite… the Wimpy Bar!