The North Bar, Blackburn

27 February 2004 Cometh the hour and cometh the man or some bollocks like that, with the crowd eagerly anticipating a great night MENACE took to the stage. I myself had been eagerly awaiting this moment for the past two months seeing one of the greatest punk bands of all time on my home turf. To me bands like menace are and have always been what punk was originally about. They may have aged , they may have two new members but boy they can still kick ass, from the opening chords of the crowd were putty in their hands....

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Rogue Studios, Bermondsey

16 September 1995 Sometimes I feel very lucky to be part of the London punk/Oi! scene, and very lucky to have such good friends that let me come to events like this, the MENACE live possible DVD and album shoot for live in Bermondsey 2. Arrived in Bermondsey about 18:30 (just a short hop over the water from the pretty side of the river for me) and found the studios straight away, after finding the band (hard at it rehearsing) me and my Lynne took a short stroll to the chip shop, to line that rather large stomach of mine....

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