Social Insecurity

The new album from Menace, recorded over June and July 2018 at Rogue Studios, Wembley, by our good friend Alessio Garavello.

Out now, since 13th October 2018, on CD. A vinyl release is due February 2019. Also, you can the album on Bandcamp at

Gary Bushell had this to say “Menace were one of the leading pioneers of what we now call street-punk. They erupted onto the London scene in 1977 armed with hard-hitting anthems like ‘Screwed Up’, ‘Insane Society’, and ‘Last Year’s Youth’, and were swiftly dubbed “The best punk band in England” by Sniffin’ Glue. Record companies and the rock press disagreed but their brick wall Rock’n’Roll stands the test of time. 41 years on, Menace are still writing great addictive backstreet anthems such as ‘Social Insecurity’, ‘Judy’ and ‘London Girl’. Authentic and honest, Menace were and remain a vital inspiration to generations of urban rebels.”

To which we say thanks! However, it is for you to make up your own minds. You can see us here and there – see the gig calendar – and pick up a copy of the album. We are also selling the album directly. Please note we are not a commercial enterprise and this is just us doing our best to get the CD to you without a cut being taken by the world and his dog, though that dog does look underfed.

So, if you want to give it a try, fill in the form below. We will email you back with the total costs, and the instructions for payment. If you are happy with the costs, etc, make the payment and when we receive it we will send the goods. Currently we only do PayPal, but if this is a problem by all means talk to us and we will see if we can work something out.

Social Insecurity CD
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