Social Insecurity Social Insecurity

So we’ve been busy tearing our hair out and each other’s throats in the studio, and the result …

a new album will be released on the 13th October in line with the 100 Club loadsa-birthdays gig.

Album is called Social Insecurity, track listing in the picture.

Recorded and mixed at Rogue Studios in Wembley by our friend, Alessio Garavello.

Noel says this is a fucking great album, so go and buy it, because he needs funds for more tea.

Or better still get to the 100 Club and pick up a copy there, and get a taste of it for real. Tickets are from tickets from Stargreen ( or WeGotTickets ( Sorry, cheapo offers have expired, so a tenner base price, but that won’t get you two drinks in London these days, so bargain! And, you get to see the excellent Nuffin, Blue Carpet Band, and the Satellites too. C’mon on!