It was hot and balmy. Everybody was drinking but me (mitigating circumstances) and Vince (no mitigation whatsoever). Kassy seemed to be enjoying it which was the point, so result!

There be videos!

Menace: Menace @ the Unicorn. Keep an eye out for the Glam Menacettes (and the less glam Neil).

Morgellons: Morgellons @ the Unicorn. Morgellons have an album out, for the faithful, and for the undecided to decide. The worst thing you can do is ignore it.

Also playing were Mid-Age Rampage, featuring a certain ex-Menace and some groovy wigs. And the Kult 45’s featuring Dale (sorry guys, I only know Dale, that doesn’t meant he rest of you… errmm… in a hole, stop digging).