For those of you who knew or know of my son Daniel, it is with great sadness to inform you that he died yesterday morning at Derriford Hospital, in Plymouth, having only recently celebrated his 22nd Birthday.

Daniel was my pride and joy, my boy, my Danny Boy. He was was dealt an unlucky hand upon his premature birth and the impact of his severe cerebral palsy increased over the years. He was a beautiful lad and brought so much joy to us all. We all gave him love and the best life and lifestyle we could, he gave us so much more.

His mother was there for him throughout the years and was with him when he slipped away peacefully. My daughter, Katie, Sharon and I had seen him just a few hours before he passed.

Daniel was a fighter from birth, strong and spirited, a Tiny Tim of a man, he liked his tastes of Guinness and other inferior drinks, he was a Menace fan and will be missed by many, a great loss to us all.

There have been so many people involved in his care and close friends and family who have supported him over these past years, you know who you are and you are too many to mention, thank you.

Daniel Casey RIP, God bless you, ‘respect due’ xxx

Charlie Casey, 29/8/17