Daniel Casey

For those of you who knew or know of my son Daniel, it is with great sadness to inform you that he died yesterday morning at Derriford Hospital, in Plymouth, having only recently celebrated his 22nd Birthday. Daniel was my pride and joy, my boy, my Danny Boy. He was was dealt an unlucky hand […]

The North Bar, Blackburn

27 February 2004 Cometh the hour and cometh the man or some bollocks like that, with the crowd eagerly anticipating a great night MENACE took to the stage. I myself had been eagerly awaiting this moment for the past two months seeing one of the greatest punk bands of all time on my home turf. […]

Rogue Studios, Bermondsey

16 September 1995 Sometimes I feel very lucky to be part of the London punk/Oi! scene, and very lucky to have such good friends that let me come to events like this, the MENACE live possible DVD and album shoot for live in Bermondsey 2. Arrived in Bermondsey about 18:30 (just a short hop over […]