16 September 1995

Sometimes I feel very lucky to be part of the London punk/Oi! scene, and very lucky to have such good friends that let me come to events like this, the MENACE live possible DVD and album shoot for live in Bermondsey 2.

Arrived in Bermondsey about 18:30 (just a short hop over the water from the pretty side of the river for me) and found the studios straight away, after finding the band (hard at it rehearsing) me and my Lynne took a short stroll to the chip shop, to line that rather large stomach of mine. On arrival back at the studios we caught the band rehearsing their last three songs and I tucked into the beer which was supplied by the boys in very nice containers filled with ice. When they had finished rehearsing it was time to have a nice chat with, ODDY, NOEL, CHARLIE and the brand new guitarist JOHNNY.

19:45 the band played a full set which was both filmed and recorded for possible later use, with Oddy sounding as good as ever on vocals, Charlie driving it all along with his bass, Noel creating claps of thunder on the drums, and Johnny fitting in with the boys like a finger in a glove on lead. a short break of approx 15 minutes was taken for some more refreshments and a break from the sauna which was the studio. 21:00 Menace return to play another full set encouraging crowd participation all their best songs including C&A, GLC, LAS YEARS YOUTH, SCREWED UP, PUNK ROCKER and many more all played and sung by a band that really know how to rock, and have a great sound, try to catch them at WASTED THE LONDON ASTORIA 11/12/2005 where unfortunately they are one of the first bands on, a very bad bit of scheduling on the promoters part, for a London band who draw a crowd, who have earned the right to be further up the bill than scheduled