Off on our holidays

Next gigs are in the US of A. Mozying around with Lehigh Valley punk band The Clap from 29th Sept to 8th Oct. All the details on the gig page. I’ve tried to find all the links to the events pages so you can click through the ticket sites if need be. Please don’t laugh […]

Undercover IV

The Good Back in Brighton. My first ever public gig was in a skate board park under the sea front road. This time it’s the racecourse at 415ft above sea level. Finally! I’m “upwardly mobile”. So the set was a bit scrappy, could you tell, and Finn lost the use of his guitar for a […]

Blackpool Rocks

Rebellion 2016, well I had a whale of a time: ate loads of chips; drank buckets cider; stayed up late once or twice; saw some bands; discovered some new bands; got my haircut courtesy of Doc Martens; and more. I hope you enjoyed it too. Special thanks to Bill for letting me carry his guitar; […]


Time to make up and be friends again. Tomorrow and Sunday (25th & 26th June) is the 2nd HIV/AIDS Punk Festival down in New Cross. Menace will playing Saturday, and there’s plenty of other quality aural entertainment going on too. All here: Then we’re off to slosh in the Dorset mud at StickStock on […]

Did you miss me?

Well, lost my voice several times over the past 6 six weeks, but I’m back, so back on with the ear defenders. So what’s happened? The Fighting Cocks in Kingston. Morgellons were on good form. 5 Go Mad had Jon wandering around the audience with his radio link. Menace had a few stage guests, at […]

Back of the net

Last Friday was a trip down White Hart (memory) Lane for me: Muswell Hill to Tottenham. But not ‘fecking football’ these days; for a gig at T.Chances with Vice Squad. Despite disintegrating mike stands, self detaching cables and all manner of technical failures (and thanks to all those who were trying to repair them mid […]

Back in blighty

Well New Year was a blast. Noel and Rob were in Berlin sampling the beer and guesting for pooh punkers the London Sewage Company. Rob is now on the waggon for a bit, and Noel doesn’t drink anyway… he says. So dry as a bone and pure as the driven slush, the 2016 gig calendar […]