Next up is this Friday, 8th, at Undercover V in Margate. What with this, that and the other, this will be something different. We didn’t want to let Mick down, so we’ve had to adapt. Just what this all means, you’ll have to wait and see. But we intend to entertain, as long as we […]


Where’ve we been? Dodging the cracks. It’s been a while since the last gig, Kassy’s birthday, but here we go; Rebellion, Thursday night (well Friday morning really). Once Bad Religion are done, get over the to Opera House for sing-a-long-a-Menace and we’ll get you in the mood for cocoa and bed. Well perhaps. Maybe beer […]

Kassy’s Glam Punk Birthday Bash

It was hot and balmy. Everybody was drinking but me (mitigating circumstances) and Vince (no mitigation whatsoever). Kassy seemed to be enjoying it which was the point, so result! There be videos! Menace: Menace @ the Unicorn. Keep an eye out for the Glam Menacettes (and the less glam Neil). Morgellons: Morgellons @ the Unicorn. […]


Maps are working on the gig listings – no excuse for getting lost now is there! Which reminds me of the time Noel was wandering up and down the wrong High St looking for the venue. Happy Birthday Kassy! Thanks for helping out with the singing!

Right then

That’s all the gigs posted, no matter how vague they are, up until the end of the year. The maps don’t work at the moment, but c’mon… we’re punk rock! Click the venue name for the address. I will sort the maps, eventually.

We’re back!

So I’ve scraped together a web site. Here we will post general stuff for the stray surfer and search engines to pick up. If you want to ‘interact’, then head over to facebook… even though you hate it! Excuse me now… I need to get the gigs up.

Moose Mosh!

First off, thanks to all those who threw off their new year hangovers and came out to the 100 Club. It were good! And, jolly nice of you all to turn out on a Thursday night in Tufnell Park for AWOD day 1. We had a good time, hope you had the same. So next […]

It’s Christmas

At last time to think. What with working, gigging and unintentionally getting off my bicycle at speed, I’ve been neglecting this web site. So let me recap. USA: Thanks, and much more, are due to Johnny, Art and Mike (“Two pints of lager”) from The Clap; The Krays; Patryck and Rachel; Jim and a whole […]

All change…

Manchester, New Hampshire (8th October) is cancelled Instead we will be playing a matinee in Manhattan and a evening gig at in New Jersey. Matinee is at Parkside Lounge, 317 E. Houston St, starting at 1:30 and all done by 5pm. And it’s free! See here: Evening, we are at The Clash Bar, 39 […]

Bleedin’ Knackered…

Up at 4am, walk, train, tube, aeroplane, train, metro, walk and 24 hours or so we’re at the gig in Brooklyn! Beer and whiskey (thanks Simon!) don’t do much for jet lag and quality sleep time, so for the next day’s gig I have to crawl off to the van for additional snooze time. Newark […]