Well, lost my voice several times over the past 6 six weeks, but I’m back, so back on with the ear defenders.

So what’s happened? The Fighting Cocks in Kingston. Morgellons were on good form. 5 Go Mad had Jon wandering around the audience with his radio link. Menace had a few stage guests, at one time there was myself, Martin Sawtell and Toby playing… bass players rule! Just needed Charlie to complete the set.

Then the south coast tour, the Old Barn at Portsmouth and the Anvil in Bournemouth. 5 Go Mad popped up again at the Old Barn to light a fire for us, thanks for the use of the amp Jon. The Electric Shakes followed us to Bournemouth with their lively pop-punk (I’m gonna get shot for using the word pop arn’t I?). I’d lost my voice from the previous night so I couldn’t ruin the live recording with my  injudicious controlled shouting (backing vocals). Yes, if you were there, you were on the recording… let you know when we decide what to do with it.

Then off to Edinburgh for Punk for Pam. Wet, windy and uphill was Edinburgh. I’m told the first two are not permanent, but Scottish rain seems to like me. Managed to find my voice for a pretty decent gig from the band, but felt so bad after that I had to drink all the beer I could find to poison my ills. Ah, but t’was a good night!

And so what next? I’ve been hearing reports that a slimline Noel has been sighted around the Hope and Anchor. Will I recognise him at the next rehearsal? Your chance to observe this phenomena comes up on the 28th May at T.Chances and the Blank Generation festival. Be there. Make history.