Rebellion 2016, well I had a whale of a time: ate loads of chips; drank buckets cider; stayed up late once or twice; saw some bands; discovered some new bands; got my haircut courtesy of Doc Martens; and more. I hope you enjoyed it too.

Special thanks to Bill for letting me carry his guitar; Guy for letting me drop a pint of cider on him; Joe for joining me on stage for GLC (and all the rest of you who did the same); Those Naughty Lumps for helping me stay up late; Mic for pointing out I could get my haircut for free; all those around me in the band passes queue for helping to idle the time away; and especially Marianne for spotting the lipstick smudge on my cheek before Mouse did.

But most of all, thank you to all your Mums and Dads for letting you stay up for our Friday night closer, it would have been pretty pointless otherwise.

Next one up is the Undercover Festival, Brighton Racecourse 9th September.