The Good

Back in Brighton. My first ever public gig was in a skate board park under the sea front road. This time it’s the racecourse at 415ft above sea level. Finally! I’m “upwardly mobile”.

So the set was a bit scrappy, could you tell, and Finn lost the use of his guitar for a while (could yo.. no I didn’t say that). But it was a (ah-hem) unique experience. Hope you all had a good time, because I did. I also managed to not drop any cider on Guy.

Belated Happy Birthday Coppo!

Coppo feels loved!

Well technically, you’re not wearing ripped torn or cut denim, you are wearing a shirt, and it’s not a football one, so you can come in.

The Bad

Had to leave around midnight and couldn’t make the Saturday, so I missed lots of good stuff.

The Ugly

I know Mick and some of the security people working at Undercover. Anybody who wants to convince me that they are not decent people is going to have to prove it. The only ‘ism’ I saw was alcoholism.


Because I refuse to end on a sour note just to make a pun:

A very nice man from the AA wanders in: “Is there an Arthur here?” “Err yeah but he’s on stage at the moment” “Can’t get his keys can you?”. So Tom makes a sign “Arthur, where’s your keys”.

Next up is the USA. In the UK, it’s the 100 Club on the 21st Oct. I’ll post the details when I’ve finished my breakfast.