Munster, and Krefeld, and Vorselaar, and Essen. And made it back in time for tea.

Thanks to all our hosts and friends in Germany and Belgium for the first tourlette of the year. If I list you I will miss someone out I know, so please don’t be offended, we love you all!

Frau Mony (for sorting everything out, including Finn’s diet and every mishap)
Rare Guitar Munster for letting us gape at the walls (though only Noel bought anything)
the lady who cooked the food for Munster (yes, yes, I should have remembered your name)
Alex (and thanks for getting Noel’s phone back to him)
the guys from MadBrain for letting us use their rehearsal space
The Fuckwits for letting us act like prima donnas in Krefeld
Vom and Herbert (for just being there, sort of)
The Phobic’s girls (for wearing the wrong band T-shirt)
Richard, Stephanie and Liselotte
Lars (for cheering us on in two different countries)
Dirk in Belgium
Benny, Manuela and all at the Freak Show (thanks for the hangover)
whoever it was who handed in the money at the Freak show (just thanks)
Chief White Cloud (for buying still more merch)
Dirk and Heidrun (for getting the right t-shirt this time)
Smash it Up (all the way from Sweden)
all those I should have mentioned; the Freak Show hangover killed many parts of my brain

and everybody else who was there at some point.

Next up is Islington supporting the last ever original line up Vibrators. Charlie will be playing this one, just to add some more original flavour.