At last time to think. What with working, gigging and unintentionally getting off my bicycle at speed, I’ve been neglecting this web site. So let me recap.

USA: Thanks, and much more, are due to Johnny, Art and Mike (“Two pints of lager”) from The Clap; The Krays; Patryck and Rachel; Jim and a whole host of others for making sure we had somewhere to play, sleep, got fed, turned up, had backline, and drank too much. Noel was wandering around Cherry St Station with a pint of Jamiesons telling everyone he loved ’em. Well, it was his birthday. Again, thanks everyone.

100 Club: yeah! Thanks for turning up and making this a success. Big thanks to The Straps and 16 Guns. Not a sausage to Viva Las Vegas, but cheers Barnet, Paul, Kev, Jeff and a phwaoar for Suzanne.

Germany: Berlin and Hamburg were storming thanks to the crew at The Wild at Heart and Hafenklang; Dusseldorf was a disappointment, but we will see what we can do to make it up to you.

And then some time off, because we’re old men and need to recuperate. However, “Noel Martin’s Evil B’Stards” managed a performance in Leytonstone High St at a Small Wonder bash (not Walthamstow High St, Noel). For the uninitiated this is Noel playing acoustic, backed by Rob (me) on (sometimes, when I’ve not had a cycling accident) double bass and some kid called Joe on drums (front man with “The Insolvents”: and drummer from DVS, and yes this is a blatant nepotistic plug). Watch out for more appearances by the acoustic Noel next year.

2017: I’ve put the known gigs up, up until April. Beyond that information is always a bit sketchy, but in the pipeline are Derby 13th May; Blank Generation 27th May; Bash the Bishop 28th May; Undercover 8th Sept; Dublin 29th Sept