Like the proverbial duck serenely gliding about on the pond, and what you don’t see is the furious paddling underneath; getting to Undercover was not that easy.

With Finn committed to Toby’s wedding in Cornwall and Menace committed to Undercover, this was always going to be different. But the best laid plans of mice and punks…

Plan A was to electrify the Evil B’Stards and play Undercover with Noel out front, Harv on guitar and Rob and Joe (the evil ones) on bass and drums. Plan A was sunk with two weeks to go when Joe’s college in Gateshead brought his course forward by a week. No amount of Ryanair and Virgin training was going to get him back in time. Oh well, bye Joe, and fare ye well, or whatever the correct parting gesture is for a wannabe pirate.

Plan B, what’s Danny doing? Nope, Danny can’t doing as he’s playing Saturday and has to work Friday.

So plan C? There was no plan C. Until Piranha Pete said what about Scum from Sick on the Bus? Scum aka Chris is up for it, and learns the songs in 6 days, does a rehearsal the day before, and, well perhaps not faultless, but plays a blinding set. Cometh the hour cometh the Aussie punk. Even if he has shoddy taste in football teams. Thanks Chris!

More generally, Undercover; Mick and the team should be proud; Paranoid Visions should be full of remorse for making us follow that set; and I hope you made it home. Specifically, we as ever enjoyed playing, and we hope the you enjoyed the “I can’t believe it’s not Menace” set.

So next up is Punx picnic in Bournemouth on the 22nd, see here With more best laid plans going awry… Noel’s back on his seat; Finn’s back on his guitar; Harv is where we left him, but… you get the Martin Sawtell returning on bass for this one because I’m too lazy to get out of bed. Break a string Martin. Enjoy everybody!